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Smooth Operator: The Antari HZ 350

Foggers - the traditional smoke scene fillers - need refilling during the night and their effect often evaporates faster than the machine can create it. Hazers deliver a thinner, subtler effect, so the haze maintains brilliant colour dispersion accentuating beaming and has over 20 hours of continuous use at 100% output before a refill is required - all without the annoying cloudy effect that foggers create.

2012-10-31 - by Travis Vermuelen

Antari's latest professional hazer, weighing in at 14kg and boasting output of 2 000ft3/min, is dynamite in a small package. In a real world situation, the HZ-350 was deployed in a church with a floorspace of 1 200m2 and an apex of 12m. To fill this 14 400m3 venue with a solid haze effect, it took just 90 seconds. On-stage fans were blowing at full speed, the air conditioning was running and the main doors were open. Still, the effect lingered for half an hour before needing a touch up. The effect produced no smells and lifted the output of both the high power LED products and their smaller counterparts. And despite the density of the effect, people on stage and congregation were clearly visible.

Although hazers and their liquids are more expensive than foggers, the output is for more substantial and that makes the running costs significantly cheaper. Hazers are also more robust by nature so additional money should be saved on general maintenance.

The Hazer, after 30 seconds, produces its effect but without clouding the background or the room. Everything is visible and the effect is achieved - an effect that is far more enhanced than smoke.

Know your liquids