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Effects Liquids Safety

Antari is one of the largest - if not the largest - manufacturers of effects machines & effects fluids in the world. Indeed, many companies have placed their brand name on Smoke and Haze machines while their physical appearance clearly shows they are Antari products.


This brings to light another small matter worth mentioning. If the machine is clearly an Antari product, regardless of the brand name that might appear on the product, then you can use Antari fluid in such a machine. Just because another company has branded the machine as 'theirs', does not mean you have to use their fluid exclusively.

It therefore stands to reason that any Antari machine, whether branded Antari or not, can use the relevant fluids sold by Sound and Light City.

In general, pay due caution to the following:

And finally - it is unfortunate but we must ask that you please do not believe everything our competitors tell you. If you honestly cannot / should not use our fluid in your existing machine then we'll tell you since we are not dependent on the sale of a few bottles of effects fluid.

Antari HZL Haze Liquid

The leading Haze Liquid on the market, Antari HZL is the preferred fuel for our HZ-500, HZ-400 and HZ-350 effects machines.

  • Hazard rating: minimal
  • Composition: Mineral Oil, Vitamin E
  • Download the Safety Data Sheet (PDF)

Antari: HZ500, HZ350

JBSystems Fog Liquid Std & Hi-Tech

Superb high-quality professionally produced Fog Liquid for use with all our foggers and fazers, this liquid produces a high-quality long-lasting thick white smoke effect.

  • Hazard rating: minimal
  • Composition: Glycol-based
  • Download the Safety Data Sheet (PDF)

JBSystems:FX 1700, FX 1000, FX 700 // Antari: Z 1020, X 310, Z 300, Z 3000, Z 1500, Z 1200

JBSystems Bubble Liquid

JBSystems Bubble Liquid is based on a new, exceptional formula and is manufactured with high quality ingredients used in cosmetology under the "Hypo allergenic" rating. It produces high yields and is recommended for our Bubble Machines.

  • Hazard rating: minimal
  • Composition: Glycerine and Poly-glyco ether
  • Download the Safety Data Sheet (PDF)

JBSystems: Bubble Machine

JBSystems Snow Liquid

JBSystems Snow Fluid is most effective at creating realistic effects through its active composition. The snow produced with our machines is fine and white and this fluid is compliant with most professional and consumer snow machines.

  • Hazard rating: minimal
  • Composition: diethelyne monobutyl ether
  • Download the Safety Data Sheet (PDF)

Antari: SM 100 SNOW Machine