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On a lighter note

In today's moving head industry - from small to insanely large - there are few fixtures that stand out from the crowd. BriTeq's BT-W19L10 Zoom is one of those exceptional performers that, despite being neither too small nor too large, manages to pack lightweight punches in the heavyweight division.

2014-01-16 - by Colin Meyer

Expect this moving head to see many jobs that are not necessarily on its résumé yet will still be done well by the BT-W19, if not better than those lights designed for the job. However, as with all things, there will be features that people will love about this light and some that they won't.

The Pros

There are numerous pros to this light, most notable of which is the movement: this light is so fast that it pans a complete 360° in just over 1 second with 16bit resolution for accurate movements. The high powered RGBW LEDs impress with light output of 81 360lux at 1m. The multichip 10W Osram OSTAR LEDs make all of this possible, ensuring brightness no matter the time of day.

The zoom function is another great feature of this light: while such functions are not new, the 10 to 60° range makes this an impressive engineering feat. There are no automatic stopping points for the zoom so users can decide exactly how large or small the zoom radius must be. And since it is very fast to zoom, it makes the changes through a very pleasing effect.

This light has built-in Neutrik PowerCON connectors and can daisy chain its power up to 16A, which works out to roughly 16 lights (15 to be on the safe side) on one power line.

The Cons

So with such heavyweight features packed into a lightweight wonder, what could the BT-W19L10 Zoom possible do or not do that might bug users?

Fortunately, that list is very short and the only stand out (albeit occasional) annoyance is the absence of standalone mode. This means that the light is not really suited to start-up or amateur users - then again, any fixture in this range is probably not suited to start-ups and amateurs to begin with.

What are you waiting for?

On the whole, this light has many more benefits and features than many other moving heads. The fast, wide zoom range and the incredibly bright Osram OSTAR LEDs alone are worth it. They make for a winning light on any large performance area. Most users will be glad to have this as a part of their lighting rig. So, why wait - come in to Sound and Light City now to see this moving head for yourself.