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The surprise that moves heads

Seeing a BriTeq moving head is nothing new in many venues. The improvents to their heads in recent years is no small feat in itself. Now, they have introduced a new light to their arsenal - The fast, impressive and lightweight BT-150 LS moving head.

2014-04-16 - by Colin Meyer

Lighting the World

The BT-150 LS has a 150W Cree LED that is exceptionally bright, has a very narrow beam angle - only 13° - and will put many old-fashioned halogen lights to shame. Unfortunately, there is no stated Lux output from Briteq, but when placed side-by-side with its bigger brother, the BTX-180 LS, it compared very well, and actually appeared to be a little better with its light output. This came as a major surprise to all of us here at Sound and Light City. This light is also very fast, turning a complete 360° in less than 2 seconds, and tilting through 270° in just over 2 seconds, giving you the speed to follow any performer on stage or in action.

Anything new to behold?

This moving head has got the normal colour wheel with 7 colours + white. It's also got 7 rotating gobos + open - not really anything that hasn't been seen before, but why fix something if it's not broken? What they did fix though was the speed of the pan and tilt on this machine and the start up time - which is significantly faster than the previous BT-60. This new light is also better than the BT-60 in other ways. For example, the colours on the colour wheel are a lot better and actually appear much brighter, the light is a much colder white, unlike the warm light from before, and it is much sharper and more focused than before.

Heavy issues gone

While older moving heads, like the OBY 5, were heavy and needed very specific civil engineering degrees to put into place due to its weight and size, this new light weighs in at a very anorexic 14kg, which is only 3.5kg more than the BT-60, which means a doubling of light intensity with less than 4kg increase in weight, which is very impressive in itself. But this small difference in weight is not too surprising, as the BT-150 uses the same chassis bottom as the BT-60, and is not that much larger overall, being only 8cm wider and 9cm higher than the BT-60.

Make the right choice

This light is definitely a step in the right direction and will not fail you in brightness or functionality. What it lacks in the number of gobos and colours, it more than makes up for in improving the light output of the BT-60, and is definitely much faster than what it should be for its size. If you require more features though, you should give this light a skip and move right on up to the BTX-180, though more expensive than the BT-150, it is a lot brighter, has more features, and is overall better in most respects than the BT-150, but is also heavier and much larger than the BT-150, which could be a determining factor if size constraints are an issue for your venue.