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J: mobile Beauty

When one is investing loudspeaker cabinets, 'sound' is normally considered to be everything. These days however there are other considerations when looking at speakers. One has to lift them onto stands, carry them to and from the venue, pack them and transport them. We are also frequently asked "How pretty is the cabinet?" so both physical characteristics and looks play a big part in making the important decision of investing into any loudspeaker cabinet.

2014-04-16 - by Assistant Chaleko

Looking at the brand new FBT J15A moulded loudspeaker cabinet, it ticks almost all the boxes for a loudspeaker used in touring and mobile applications.

Italian design and build

These cabinets are entirely designed and built in FBT's factory in Recanati, Italy. This means the cabinets will be extremely good looking - that Italian style - and very durable. We can also rest assured that the components are very reliable.

Class "D" amplifiers with DSP

The light weight bi-amplifiers used in the J15A are designed in house and use switch mode power supplies to keep the weight down to a low 14kg.

4 Stage Processor

This processor allows the user to select tailored sound characteristics to suite the application requirements, while ensuring full protection against DC, RMS and thermal overload.

Custom made transducers

The loudspeakers used inside the J 15A are designed by FBT. This ensures that they are perfectly matched to the amplifiers to give a very good sound quality at high levels, as well as maintaining reliability

I'm a big fan of self powered PA speakers, mainly because they're simple and quick to set up and all corrective signal processing is taken care of within the box. With power ratings of 350+100 Watts RMS, 129dB SPL and weighing in at 14kg, this is a very powerful, very portable and very good looking loudspeaker that will satisfy even the most discerning users in almost any touring event.