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In an industry where compact, high performance audio is growing from a reality to a necessity, professionals are slowly starting to embrace the concept of a Compact PA in their respective fields. However, in some fields there is still this perception that a small, portable PA means small sound...

2013-12-01 - by Gareth Edwards

FBT's Amico will put an end to this crazy mindset for once and for all. This system may be compact, but it has the capacity to perform well above its size.

The Amico is designed to be a compact, portable PA system which is capable of high performance sound reinforcement in small to medium size venues and applications. The foundation to the development of the kit is portability, flexibility and power delivery. FBT have managed to squeeze a mixer, a 3 channel power amplifier and two 6" satellite speakers into the 15" sub-woofer cabinet which is not much bigger than a typical 15" cabinet. Once all this is unpacked, this system is capable of out-performing some 15" full range speakers. Let's look a little closer at each of the components.

Sub woofer

This very well made moulded cabinet houses almost all the critical components which make this system what it is. The mixer installed into the top of this cabinet has 2 mono channels and 4 stereo channels. Each of the channels has microphone and line inputs, access to 99 digital effects and an auxiliary for stage monitor.

The USB soundcard allows recording and playback of audio from a PC. Separate level control for the sub woofer is available to fine-tune the low end output.

The woofer used here is one of the finest examples of a 15" transducer made for FBT by B&C in Italy. This transducer is custom-made to produce the required low frequency response for the system while housed in an incredibly tight enclosure. This speaker has no problem filling average sized rooms with warm and detailed low frequencies which complement all types of music.


These compact cabinets really set this system apart from similar types of systems from other brands. They are beautifully made, plastic moulded cabinets which house a 6" woofer and ¾" tweeter, also custom made for FBT by B&C. This type of speaker configuration allows for a pleasing balance for warmth, clarity and high SPL which makes for very comfortable listening. Added to that the contour control of the sub makes these satellites sound huge and blend perfectly well with the 15" woofer, giving both live and programme music the necessary big sound and definitive high fidelity.


This system is completed by custom-made speaker stands and 5m speaker cable to connect the satellites to the main cabinet. Once everything is packed up, bags are available to protect the main cabinet and the stands during transport. If you are looking for a very portable system for musician, DJ or even home use, without compromise on sound quality and power delivery, then look no further than the FBT Amico. This system will provide a complete solution for any artist who requires loads of quality audio and quality SPL in a compact, space saving shell.