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Wireless Mics made easy

The Sennheiser XSW range is our new digital wireless microphone system that will compete very well with the "Big Boy" in wireless microphones. But what can the range offer? What sets it aside?

2014-07-02 - by Colin Meyer

Beginning with the basics...

When I first saw this product, I immediately thought of the "Big Boy" in the industry - the Shure SLX. These two products are so similar in design and features that anyone could be forgiven for mixing the two up. The Sennheiser, though, has got some points over the SLX: it is a more modern setup, using newer components, and feels fresher than the SLX. The Sennheiser also beats the SLX on price - it is a good R2000 less than the Shure, and is not worse by any means, so far as my testing has shown. The Sennheiser also has a volume control knob in the front. This helps tremendously as the volume from the receiver could be louder than necessary and it is a quick adjustment to turn it down.

Syncing devices

One major difference, which stumped me in the beginning, is how to synchronise the receiver to the transmitter. On the Shure, it is a simple matter of pressing the sync button on the receiver and lining up the infrared receiver on the transmitter and voilà, it's synced. Now on the Sennheiser it is a matter of holding in the sync button on the receiver and pressing sync on the transmitter; this does not sound like an issue, however, if you have got an eager person, and they wish to do two transmitters and receivers at once, you can't. Also, what this can also mean is that someone could accidentally sync their transmitter to your receiver, causing havoc with the show.

Other than the single niggle from above, I am very please to say that this will be a very welcome additional to the Sound & Light City catalogue, and has already been well received by many of our clients.