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Reliability & Safety

In South Africa, discussing anything to do with electricity supply can be quite a sore point for a lot of us. However, thankfully there are solutions for the unforeseeable and inevitable power failures we experience. Whatever your electricity supply option is, one should still consider a critical, oft-ignored component: power distribution.

2013-08-07 - by Gareth Edwards

BriTeq PD distributors fulfill almost all of today's power distribution needs, whether they are in touring applications or fixed installations.

Two models are available:

C-Form connectors on inputs and outputs
These connectors are heavy-duty power connectors used in all high current applications. This is the industry standard connector used by professionals.

Power input connector included
This connector is included for convenience. It ensures correct and time saving installations.

Earth Leakage switch
This is an invaluable protection against most unforeseen power problems. This will break power supply to the distributor in the event of over current and cable shorts.

Circuit breakers for each output
These breakers ensure that the maximum current of the phase or output cannot be exceeded.

Volt meter
LCD Monitor displaying incoming Volts per phase. Assists in accurately monitoring any fluctuation in the supply voltage.

Amp meter
LCD Monitor displaying load on each phase. Assists in monitoring load on the phase to ensure maximum load is not exceeded

19" chassis mount
Rack mount option makes this unit easy to integrate into existing touring cases or installation racks

BriTeq power distribution units are invaluable to professionals, not only saving time on set-up and installations, but allowing accurate monitoring of the power supply, avoiding unnecessary interruptions.