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BriTeq Firmware Updater - not just for updating firmware!

The firmware updater may be a small component but it has several other features for all JBSystems and BriTeq fixtures that support 'Firmware Updater' and 'Remote DMX Addressing'.

2013-05-31 - by Travis Vermuelen

The firmware update procedure does not require physically opening the fixtures. You will now be able to update your fixtures via the DMX line using the 'DMX Firmware Updater'. Updating your fixture, allows better operation of the unit and it will bring all your compatible fixtures up to the latest generation protocol. This means that whether you purchased the fixtures at different times or not, they will still be fully compatible with one another once the update is complete. You will be able to update units one at a time or in groups of several units of the same model.

The 'DMX Firmware Updater' also doubles up as a standard 512ch DMX console. Via the software, you will be able to control and test all your DMX units at exact DMX values on sliders.

RDA (Remote DMX Addressing) is a feature that until now has been reserved usually for so-called 'High End' DMX fixtures. This feature now allows any JBSystems or BriTeq fixture with the new RDA feature to be addressed remotely via the 'DMX Firmware Updater'. You may address your lights in either 'Auto' or 'Manual' mode.

'Auto' mode automatically addresses all RDA fixtures of the same type to consecutive DMX addresses from a user defined starting address. This mode is for units of the same DMX setup only.

'Manual' mode allows the user to address any RDA fixture to any desired and available address. The 'Manual' mode is therefore the option to choose when using various models of RDA units together and specific DMX positions are required.