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DMX Creator: limited only by your imagination

DMX Creator is no new face to Sound and Light City but as times have changed, the brand has upped its game. The addition of DMX Creator 128 now offers a less expensive dongle, limited to 128 channels, but with all the features and benefits of the original software. The limit can later be opened to 512 channels by purchasing an online key code.

2013-06-28 - by Travis Vermuelen

DMX creator is also one of the few DMX soft- and hardware packages that actually provides full control over the stated number of channels in realtime. You have full control of various lighting products via premade fixture panels, and if the product is very new you can build your own panel in minutes and you don't have to worry about how you are going to control your brand new light. This also means that you can restructure existing panels to suite your needs, removing or adding buttons to accommodate your line of work.

Did you know?

The 'Matrix Editor' is designed to allow users to manufacture various colour matrix actions without spending hours programming or limiting them to certain products. If you have basic LED parcans you could build a wall of them and playback rough video images which to look like a basic LED video wall.


The same applies to the Track Editor which allows you to program various movements to scanners and moving heads without programming each step individually. The feature basically gives a preview of various actions and then it builds the scenes at the click of the 'Generate sequence' button. Now you have various movements in minutes.


The multi-sequence player allows users to activate various sequences simultaneously. This allows you to busk your show more easily or if you are working in a club or live show and you did not have the time to program something elaborate, this allows you to build and activate different movements and colours between various groups of lights on the fly by accessing sequences that were constructed previously.


These are just a few of the basic features that give you the freedom to manufacture a vast variety of colour and movement actions on any applicable DMX controllable light without having to spend hours behind the controller. Your imagination is now your only limitation.