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JBSystems D2 Power Amplifiers: Tough and Tenacious

As many people already know, the JBSystems brand is considered by many professionals to be one of the most reliable brands around today. Noteworthy equipment from JBSystems that holds this accolade includes, among others, the JBSystems CD players and amplifiers.

2013-06-28 - by By Torero Productions

But every now and then we are taken by surprise. Something happens that leaves our clients and ourselves completely speechless. These kinds of surprises can't be made up out of the blue. No one can even dream these kinds of things up.

Enter the D2 series amplifiers: at their heart, a massive toroidal power supply is flanked by two monorail amplifier modules. The oversized power supply is a tried and trusted JBSystems design philosophy that never (literally) fails. The reason for this is quite simple: if you need your amplifier to deliver the power you require, the power supply needs to deliver the power to the amplifier modules. Large power supplies like these used in the D2 Series are also quite resilient against unstable voltages. This will reduce its vulnerability against our unstable domestic power supply. Also, because it is an oversized power supply, it does not have to work terribly hard to deliver the required power.

The chassis that houses this incredible technology is pretty standard, at 19" wide, compatible with today's flight cases. The 2 unit height wont take up too much rack space and the face plate gives the user the usual gain pots and amplifier status indicators while still looking very modern.

Other stand out features of this amplifier include:

Torero - Just Feel The Difference

Torero Productions has quite the story to tell about this D2-1500. After falling off the back of their truck, it was caught in the wheels of their trailer as well, leaving it in this sad-looking condition. All this while en route to an event. After its ordeal, it continued to perform as normal without any glitches - making their event go as planned.

Torero Productions started out as a mobile disco in the late 80s and quickly grew a reputation for professional yet affordable entertainment services.

Torero provides audio and lighting for any function, from a small party to a wedding to a corporate function and even an outdoor festival.

For more information or to contact Torero Productions, visit their website.