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Multi-purpose masterpiece: BriTeq BT-W91L3

The BriTeq BT-W91L3 Zoom LED moving head wash is the result of BriTeq's quest for product excellence. The unit is an updated version of the BT-91L3 with the added benefit of amber LEDs. This not only helps with white balance colour mixing but also extends your colour range substantially. Additionally, the unit employs a better optic system to allow more solid colour mixes than its predecessor.

2013-01-13 - by Gareth Edwards

The BT-W91L3 (above right) lights up the stage for Flash Republic at the Mr Price Pro free concert.

A class of its own

For users who think that they don't need moving heads, don't just write this unit off as a moving head alone: the extremely high light output places the unit into a category all of its own. Think of it primarily as a high output LED projector and then as a moving head. This unit's output allows large areas to be well lit without having to use multiple small fixtures. This not only makes a better looking set but also reduces the amount of cabling, staff and packing space required, offering rental companies greater returns on their investments.

Unleashing creativity

For those requiring a moving head wash for its intended purpose, beam or wash movements can be done using the zoom function, which pans from an 8° beam angle for a very bright beam or up to 40° for a wash. Users can create cross-beam effects easily or even create multiple wash and spot movement effects simultaneously, allowing more action on stage and reducing the need for gobo effects. Designers can let their imaginations run wild!

Plays well with others

In film or theatre applications, the RGB colour mixing runs at 400HZ which does not interfere with TV cameras. Individual white balance control on the unit itself allows the user to manually set maximum colour values for the current environment without having to make adjustments on the console. The ultra-quiet fans means that noise interference from moving heads is now a thing of the past. The BT-W91L3 Zoom also has multiple operating modes to allow the user more flexibility in the number of channels used, allowing both operators and designers to be more specific in completing their ideas and visions.

Multiple compatability

Fixture panels are provided for Avolites, Chamsys, Martin light jockey and, of course, DMX Creator. Compatibility is therefore no concern. Lighting large or small areas has never been so easy.