Vibe MkII Series

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Vibe MkII Series

The Vibe series from JBSystems clearly reveals the progression this brand has made over a relatively short period of time. Although many would place this brand in the entry to mid level markets, they would be completely wrong in their assessment. The Vibe series is a mid to high end professional enclosure, and this is quickly confirmed in demo.

Extremely well priced (under-priced for the package), JBSystems makes a very clear statement with this series of enclosures: "THINK AGAIN". The Vibe series is suitable for any application, and will leave the end user pondering as to why they are so reasonably priced. Due to pricing, Vibe enclosures make up the perfect speaker system for small to medium live music applications. A wedge shape on the Vibe 15 also makes it suitable for use as a passive monitor.

Touring Bags

Touring bags for the Vibe MkII series are available for Vibe 12, 15 and 30 as well as Vibe 15sub and 18sub.

Vibe 8 MkII

Vibe 10 MkII

Vibe 12 MkII

Vibe 15 MkII

Vibe 30 MkII

Vibe 15-S MkII

Vibe 18-S MkII

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