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DMX Creator Software

The combination of the DMX Creator software and the 3 different DMX 512 interfaces results in one of the most powerful PC lighting controllers on the market. DMX Creator runs under Windows and is packed with features like 3D visual emulator that are usually only reserved for large and expensive lighting consoles. Identity files available for all our DMX-effects!

For more information and panel downloads, visit the DMX Creator Website

DMX Creator 128 Same as Creator 512 Basic. Only 128 DMX channels available. Can be upgraded via a serial number which can be purchised directly from DMX Creator. Full power of the software is available.

DMX Creator 512 Basic The interface is the world's smallest USB to DMX-interface! It is possible to control up to 512 DMX channels.

DMX Creator 1024+ 512 input + 2 x 512 = 1024 DMX output channels + USB 2,0 connection + unique stand alone function with built-in microphone + SD-card memory slot (for cards up to 4GB) for more than 2.000.000 scenes on 400 sequences! MIDI and PS-2 keyboard inputs to recall scenes and sequences from standard PC-keyboards, MIDI keyboards and sequencers.

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