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The DLM26 is a DSP-based 2 input / 6 output Digital Loudspeaker management processor, ideally suited for fixed installations and live events. It combines the functions of a multitude of conventional products in a compact 1U unit with extensive PC remote control capabilities. It supports both Standard Mode or Double Compressed Limiter Mode and delivers superb audio quality with premium high-end AKM5392 24bit A/D converters and AKM 4396 24bit D/A converters, carefully optimised for double precision signal processing coupled with 24bit conversion ensuring dynamic range >110db.

The unit can work in STANDARD MODE or in DCL MODE. The first mode permits configuring the crossover in 2x2 way + SUB, 2x3 way or 6way, the input L, R, L+R are freely assignable to each output.

In DCL (double compressor limiter) mode the unit can be configured in 3ch DCL, 2ch DCL + 2ch standard, 1ch DCL + 4ch standard. DCL mode means each DCL channel can have a double band limiter and compressor with assignable LO/HI split frequency. This is an exclusive feature in digital processor and it's very useful to protect two way passive filters with no passive attenuation in the crossover between LF woofer and HF driver. With DCL mode it is possible to set two different protection thresholds for woofers and drivers with the split frequency corresponding to the passive crossover frequency.

Each input has 5 fully configurable filters, a delay of 288.66ms max in step of 6.8us, gain.

Each output has 4 fully configurable filters, a delay of 288.66ms max in step of 6.8us, gain, phase, LO-pass/Hi-pass crossover from 6 to 24db/Oct with standard or custom Q, RMS compressor with soft knee and peak limiter.

The 2 input levels are displayed by rows of 6 level LED + 1 clip led, the 6 output levels are displayed by rows of 5 level LED + 1 clip led + 1 Limiter led. The unit has 2 analog inputs, a stereo digital SPDIF input, and 6 analog outputs.

The PC software for remote control via RS485 or USB allows daisy-chaining up to 32 units for full control of the processor

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