BT-Laser 1500

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BT-Laser 1500

Just Arrived

The professional laser has grown up with this superb 1.5Watt Class-IV RGB color laser that features 3 powerful, temperature-controlled lasers:

Thanks to its 20kHz scanners, this effect projects rock steady super-sharp RGB-images. It is 100% ILDA compatible for full flexibility. And here's the killer - the internal SD-card reader makes it possible to project your own patterns and logos. On the supplied SD-card (max 2GB), you can create up to 100 folders, each with 255 files.

Six User Modes

Other features


Class-IV lasers (Output > 500mW) can damage the human eye so never buy lasers without first checking if they passed the severe laser safety tests. This laser complies to the European EN 60825-1:2007 for Laser Safety. It is equipped with extra safety measures like Scanner control - if a scanner fails, output is shut down. The Interlock™ connection with mechanical shutter lets the operator press the safety switch to shut down the output. It also has a key switch so only authorized and properly trained operators are allowed to use the laser.

Technical Information

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